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Submitted on
December 31, 2011


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Okay, so I'mma need some help with some WIP things I have! Well, one project. I'll have a deviation of it soon, but I need a consensus!

If Ampharos was to be fighting a fire type of any kind, who would it be?

The story behind it is actually pretty funny. So I was just minding my own business, sculpting an Ampharos, and I was pretty happy with it. He's the first Pokemon I can actually show to other people without crying.

So you know, I basked in its glory, and was proud and all. I popped him in the oven and was getting my painting things ready to paint on the details. *DING!* YAY, MY BEAUTIFUL AMPHAROS IS DONE!

LOL. Guess what. He was burned. Burned beyond repair. :cry:

Then I was upset for a little bit, because you know, I spent 2+ hours on him. My parents told me it looked fine, like he had "texture." (lolwut? texture = color now?) But that's okay, because I got an idea!

So instead of a standalone Ampharos sculpture, I'm making a battle scene - Amphy vs. ???

And that's why I need a fire type! I honestly have no idea who to sculpt. >.< Any ideas would be super awesome! :la:


The other project I'm working on is a Finn (from Adventure Time) pillow. If you have a favorite facial expression of his, hit me up! I can't pick! x]


How are you guys celebrating? I'm going to eat burgers, make mini pies with a pie maker, and make quesodillas witha quesodilla maker. :D
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